Hokaido Vacuum Technology(Int'l) Group

Hokaido Vacuum Technology(Int'l) Group has owned advanced core technology of vacuum applications as well as professional experiences in manufacturing vacuum equipments and systems. We are the only professional supplier of vacuum equipments in china who is able to get R&D, manufacturing, sale, service integrated. Since the establishment of Hokaido, we have been providing varieties of vacuum products along with the most professional solutions of vacuum systems for the areas of vacuum packaging, food processing, pneumatic conveying, semiconductor, solar energy, plastic manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical treatment, environmental protecting projects, composite materials, metallurgy, petroleum and natural gas, surface treatment technology, electronics and electricity, wood processing, machinery manufacturing. Hokaido has been satisfying all needs of our customers with bespoke, high-efficient, safe and reliable vacuum pumps and systems all along.

2018年3月28日 16:31