SAMPE 中国2018年会特邀报告之——利用原位浸渍技术实现连续纤维复合材料增材制造


Masahito Ueda, Ph. D, Associate Professor at Nihon University.

He has been working in Nihon University (Tokyo, Japan) since 2006. He visited Columbia University as a visiting scientist from 2014 to 2015. He is organizing 3D printing composites consortium in the Japan Society of Composite Materials. He is a president of Society of interfacial Material Science (SIMS). His research interest includes micromechanics of polymer matrix composites and direct consolidation of composite materials.

Title : 3D printing of continuous fiber composite by in-site impregnation technique

Abstract : Three-dimension (3D) printing technique for continuous carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) has been developed based on fused deposition modeling with in-nozzle impregnation technique. A thermoplastics filament and continuous carbon fibers were separately supplied to the 3D printer, and fibers were impregnated with a thermoplastic in the heated nozzle just before printing. The compaction roller was equipped with the nozzle to draw a CFRP filament from the nozzle and consolidate the ejected CFRP. Fiber volume fraction of the printed CFRP was controlled up to 50 %. Mechanical properties of the printed composite were evaluated by several mechanical tests.

2018年3月8日 16:04