1. Advanced Materials: Structural Composites, Bio-composites, Smart Composites, Functional Composites, Environmentally Friendly Composites, Themoplastics, Graphene etc.

2. Raw and Supplementary Materials for advanced Composites: High-performance Reinforcing Fibers, Matrix Materials, Sandwich Materials (Foams and Honeycombs), Textile, Prepreg, Supplementary Materials in Forming, Adhesives, Coatings, etc.

3. Advanced Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Composite Manufacturing Technology and Process Equipments: Tooling deginging, Process Technology and Equipments, Preforming, Low-cost technology, etc.

4. Testing and Testing Methods of Composite Structures and Properties: NDE, Testing and Characterizing Methods of Mechanical, Chemical and Physical Properties, and the Instruments.

5. Applications: Aerospace, Defense, Marine, High-speed Train, Automotive, Green Energy, Electronics, and Sports & Leisure etc.

6. Digital Technology and CAE System of Composite Materials: designing, simulations, analysis and optimization, Digital Equipments, Database, etc.

7. Repair technology for advanced composite (Service, Process technology and equipment)

8. Recycle technology and equipment.