“The 8th Super Lightweight Composite Bridge/Wing Students Contest”which hosted by AVIC TECH, Chinese Society of Aeronautics And Astronautics(CSAA), SAMPE Mainland Region will be held during SAMPE CHINA 2017 in Beijing, Boeing Company and AVIC COMPOSITE CO.,LTD.Support and Sponsor the contest. There are 3 groups in the contest which are Wing, Carbon fiber bridges, Nature fiber bridge. The contest aims to popularize the designing knowledge of advanced composite structure, improve student's analysis, processing and practical production capacity. One hand, it offers an international stage during the annual meeting of SAMPE China, to give them a chance to show their talent on  the composite material and related area. On the other hand, we encourage students to broaden their thinking, using the same materials  under a fair and equitable precondition, so that they could complete by their teamwork and processing capacity to display the designing of a "perfect wings, the perfect bridge" to the industry.