As the Chinese version "Industry 4.0" plan, the state council issued the "Made in China 2025" in May, 2015 which expected to be rolled out some time this year, will lay out strategies for China to scale up its manufacturing sector in the next decade. The upcoming plan has focused on stimulating indigenous innovation, improving quality and reduce environmental damages, among many other entrenched problems facing the country's manufacturing sector.
Focus on platform building up for industry end user, academia, research of advanced materials and process engineering in particular advanced composite products and technology show, exchange and cooperation. The 11th SAMPE CHINA Conference & Exhibition is going to be held during May 11-13, 2016 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. In SAMPE CHINA 2015, total of 605 delegates attended the technical conference & sessions, participants mainly from domestic and foreign aviation, aerospace, defense, ships, high-speed trains, Automotive, wind energy and other production enterprises, research institutions and universities. 6 keynote presentations from China, USA, Korea and Japan, 151 technical papers from 12 countries, 146 international exhibitors, and 3163 professional buyers visited the exhibition.
  • This is an important international event that covers the development of advanced materials and process engineering as well as their applications in China, and I am glad that you have chosen to attend. In addition to the Exhibition that has attracted exhibitors from many countries, there is an exciting program planned that you will enjoy over the next three days. This includes plenary talks by technical leaders from China, Japan, France and the U.S., a conference to celebrate the 100th anniversary of phenolic resin and synthetic polymer industrialization, a poster session, and various technical sessions.
    Allan S. Crasto, Ph.D, Past President of SAMPE
    Associate Director University of Dayton Research Institute

  • I wish to express my appreciation for the excellent work performed by the team in preparing and executing the SAMPE China 2012 Symposium and Exhibition.I also got a good impression of the rich Chinese history, culture and traditions.

    Arnt Offringa Director of R&D
    Fokker Aerostructures, Netherland

  • Really enjoyed the professionalism and courteousness of all involved in organizing the SAMPE CHINA event.

    Paulo Lage
    Design Engineering Operational Support (BOS)
    Digital Aircraft Integration, AIRBUS Bristol, United Kingdom

  • By joining in the contest,our design and analysis ability, practical ability and thinking skills really have improved a lot.We also broad our horizons, and increase our knowledge from the learning and communicating with other participants at the contest. We sincerely appreciate the SAMPE Beijing Chapter who establish the platform,and give us the chance to performe.You do a lot of effort from noticing us the information ,providing the raw material free and solving the problem we met,after that,we also received advice and encouragement from your team. Thank you very much! On behalf of our team I would like to send our appreciate and the best wishes!Li Shan,Tianjin University of Technology